IIDP Affiliated Ilset Isolation Center Contact Information

The IIDP coordinates the distribution of human islets from the five islet isolation centers listed below. These islet isolation centers provide high quality human islets for national and international researchers. Human islets are isolated from pancreata procured from Cadaveric Organ Donors and granted permission to be used for research purposes. Once the islets are isolated, the Centers enter information about the islets into the IIDP Broadcast System database including islet purity, viability, index and counts. Sterility and potency data are added to the database subsequently due to the required testing time. Investigators selected by the IIDP algorithm are notified of the availability of these islets through the IIDP Broadcast System and, if accepted, islets are shipped to the researchers directly from the islet isolation centers. These five islet isolation centers have extensive experience in isolating human islets and delivering a high quality product to the research community.

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